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Posted by Motive Retail on Nov 21, 2013 1:59:28 PM

When TiVo came along and freed people from the constraints of TV programming schedules, they were thrilled with the ability to watch shows “On Demand”. These days the concept of services or products being available “On Demand” is not only commonly understood, but increasingly it is expected. Now, in order to lower costs and satisfy customers, solutions of all sorts must be flexible, self-service and online.

These same principles apply to automotive dealer systems integration. At Motive we’ve applied on demand concepts throughout our Dealer System Integration solution so we can deliver the same benefits to our clients and their partners. We’re fundamentally changing the way these initiatives are executed to make them easier, faster and cheaper for both OEMs and DSPs. Feedback from Motive Integrator users confirms that our on demand approach simply works better.

Here are just a few of the ways in which we’re transforming dealer system integration in automotive retail.

  • Onboarding New Projects – Motive has a rapid project intake process for fast configuration and set-up of new interface projects in Motive Integrator. With Motive Integrator in place, new interfaces can be configured in the platform for our clients on demand.
  • Accommodating Varying DSP Schedules – DSPs don’t develop at the same pace and their project schedules vary widely. Fitting individual projects into a traditional IT project methodology is tricky at best, but Motive’s on demand delivery model enables DSPs to develop and execute their projects according to their own timeline.
  • Testing Dealer Systems – Motive Integrator Shift Left Testing is designed to put tools and support online and in the hands of DSP developers and QA teams. Developer, System, Certification and Regression testing are all supported and DSPs can test independently, on-demand.
  • Supporting DSP Implementations – Online specifications, supporting materials, support boards, testing and more is all available, on demand in Motive Integrator. DSPs leveraging off-shore and remote teams can be productive around the clock.

If accelerating the pace of new dealer system integration projects is important to your business, then we encourage you to take a close look at Motive Retail. It might just be time for on demand integration.

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