Sell or Pre-Sell More F&I Menu Products and Accessories Online than In-Store Resulting in More Profitable Car Deals!

Online Appointment Reservations (OAR): Ensuring a Seamless Handoff from Online to In-Store

MIX is not Fortellis

The Potentially Supreme Role of Data

Why Motive is MIXing it Up

Motive Retail and Autosoft Partnership Unifies Third Party Integrations

Motive Retail Covid19 Shelter-in-Place Week 6 Update

Motive Retail and Subaru of America, Inc. Bring Real-Time VIN Inquiry Integration Offering to DMS Providers

Milestones and Picnics

Industry Insights

[:en]Challenge, Opportunity…or both?[:]

What Did(n’t) Happen in 2017

Digital Iron And Business Process Integration

Why The Construction Industry Needs More Data Standards

Is The Technology Gap Hurting Automotive?

Automotive & "The Amazon Effect": Ride The Wave or Get Buried

Powersports Manufacturers Re-Thinking Dealer Integration

Squeezed By Dealer Integration? [5] Rules For Powersports IT Teams

Is The Auto Industry About to Be Run Over [By Its Own Cars]?

Why Is XML The Choice For Industry Data Standards?

The Changing Face Of Automotive

Data Standards: Nice To Have Or Mission Critical?

The DMS Is Vanishing… And Why It Matters To You

How Can Automotive Meet Its Global Challenges?

How To Master Dealer Integration[Video]

Will Automakers Lose Out On This $400 Billion Opportunity?

Squeezed By Retail Integration? [5] Rules For Small IT Teams

NADA's 2016 [Digital] Convention

The Car Buyer Has Spoken. Are You Listening?

Powersports Retail Integration Gets A Huge Boost

DSPs And The Tale Of The Better Mousetrap

Why F&I Should Matter To You

Use STAR BODs? Read On

Connected Car? Not So Fast

Don’t Start 2016 Without Reading This

STAR Announces New Member Benefit

How Will You Meet Your 2016 Revenue Goals?

Daimler Transforms Retail Integration

Manufacturers Re-Thinking Dealer Integration

Don’t Ignore Data Integration As A Profit Booster

More Sales With Strong BPI

Motive Integrator: Better Data At Your Fingertips

Dealer Security Is Everyone's Problem

Big Data = Big Opportunities

Is DMS Losing Its Meaning?

Is Europe Taking The Lead In Talking Cars?

Is Venture Capital Transforming The U.S. Auto Dealer Industry?

Is The Honeymoon Over For The Auto And Tech Giants?

Surely You’re Joking

Seven Is Our Lucky Number

Where’s My Data?

Technology Upgrades: Is it Time To Act?

The Automobile And Silicon Valley Collide (And It’s A Good Thing)

Striving for Continuous Improvement

The Retail Integration "Dilemma"

Motive Integrator Self Certification

Lay solid foundations for new integrations

Future-proof and lean DMS integration

Daimler selects Motive Retail to execute on its new global DMS retail integration strategy

Dealer Integration Drives Sales

Integration Solves Dealer Frustrations

Selling More Cars

On Demand Integration

The Integrated Dealership is Here!

Announcing New Motive Integrator Apps

Motive Integrator makes integration projects easier

Motive Integrator Support Boards

A Better Way

All About Testing – Part 5, Dealer Pilot

Lessons Learned Presentation at Annual STAR Meeting

2012, a good year for Motive Retail


Kia DSP Certification Program extended through 2014

Whose Value Proposition Is It?

GM's new strategy for IT

The value of a Certification Program

A Volkswagen View on Motive Retail

New!!! Motive Integrator Certification Testing Apps

All About Testing - Part 4, Certification Testing

Managed Service vs. Professional Service

Motive Retail to manage DSP Certification Program for Porsche

All About Testing - Part 3, DSP Independent Testing

New Volkswagen Certifications

All About Testing - Part 2, Motive's testing philosophy

Improving Customer Experience with Dealer Systems Integration

All About Testing - Part 1, Required Testing

Competition breeds innovation in dealer systems

All About Testing

New DSPs Certified for Kia Dealer Interfaces

Motive Retail Joins STAR as a new IT Vendor

Ford Motor Company expands its relationship with Motive Retail

Motive Retail releases Dealer Service Activation feature in its Motive Integrator dealer systems integration management portal

Motive Retail to manage DSP Certification Program for Volkswagen Group of America

Ford Motor Company selects Motive Retail for Export and Growth Initiative

Motive Retail opens a new office in Farmington Hills, Michigan

MPK Automotive certified for Kia Dealer Interfaces

Kia Certification Program expanded to include new interfaces

Ford OWS DSP Update

Motive Retail moves to new offices in Boulder, Colorado

Automotive Computer Services certified for Kia Dealer Interfaces

Kia extends its DSP Certification Program through 2010

DealerTrack Completes Integration of It's DMS with KIA Motors America's Dealer Communications

Motive Integrator is live in production

AutoSoft Named Certified DMS Provider by Motive Retail, DMS Integration and Certification Agent for Kia Motors America

Kia Motors America Creates New Program with Motive Retail Designed to Expand the Number of Certified Dealer Systems

Motive Retail Insights

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