All About Testing - Part 3, DSP Independent Testing

Posted by Motive Retail on May 18, 2012 5:33:54 AM

Testing in any B2B integration initiative requires independent testing be performed by each “B”, i.e. the automaker and the DSP. It’s a critical aspect of any project as each party must take responsibility for testing its own integration code in advance of any coordinated / joint testing.

In our experience, we have seen the ability of DSPs to adequately test their own code is very often limited due to the lack of an automaker system or “sandbox” against which they can test. In the absence of any kind of OEM environment for DSP developer and independent QA testing, DSPs can never have confidence that their implementation is not defective due to misinterpretations, errors or omissions of the specifications. Issues which could be easily resolved during development are not identified until end-to-end Certification Testing when many people are involved and the expense is greatest.

It’s costly and complex for an automaker to provide and coordinate access to QA systems for multiple DSPs prior to Certification Testing. Providing any kind of sandbox for DSPs is almost never done. The end result is that the Certification Testing can be lengthy, expensive, difficult to coordinate (particularly where resources for multiple environments must be involved) and painful for everyone involved.

Having observed this gap in multiple projects, Motive developed a suite of tools for use by DSP developers and QA to support their independent testing. These tools are configured to support each automakers unique requirements and business rules. They are all portal–based apps, accessible via Motive Integrator and provide instantaneous feedback to guide developers in making any changes needed.

  • BOD Evaluator™ – allows a DSP developer to submit test XML BODs for adherence to an automakers data requirements and business rules
  • SOAP Evaluator™ – allows a DSP developer to submit SOAP envelopes for adherence to an automakers Web Service requirements
  • Test Case Evaluator™ – allows a DSP developer to submit test BODs for adherence to all requirements for each specific test case defined for an interface

Each of these apps are designed to:

  • Increase the productivity of DSP developers for faster implementation
  • Identify and resolve as many issues as possible before Certification Testing

As an automaker, if gaining the commitment of DSPs to your timelines and managing your project costs are important then we would strongly encourage you evaluate your current approach from the perspective of a DSP. The easier you can make it for them to quickly implement and roll-out new integrations for your dealers the faster you and your dealers will benefit. Consider the ways in which you currently support them during their development activities and talk to us if you’d like to learn more about where Motive could help.

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