Daimler selects Motive Retail to execute on its new global DMS retail integration strategy

Posted by Motive Retail on Jun 3, 2014 3:29:00 AM

Beginning a little more than a year ago Daimler AG embarked on a journey to reassess their strategy for dealer integration.

In the past Daimler’s focus has been on supporting the DMS which was selected as Daimler’s system of choice for its own retail. After some extensive analysis and the support of resources like Mike Seaton and strategic consultants AD Little, Daimler developed a new approach for how they wanted to work with dealer system providers around the world.

Key objectives for Daimler’s new program included:

  • expand the access to Daimler interfaces to a larger number of dealer systems used by their retail network
  • utilize an On Demand self-service solution which would limit the costs for all parties
  • enable a self-funded model whereby Dealer System Providers select to support interfaces their customers demand
  • limit the direct role Daimler plays in supporting, testing and working with providers around the world

Motive and Daimler have been working together since last summer on a field test in France and Belgium. This test has helped both companies get to know each other and refine the operating model prior to launching the new program more broadly. The field test has been very successful with integrations complete at Incadea and iCar. More DMS vendors and/or interfaces are expected to follow.

Daimler intends for all current and future interfaces to be available and supported in the Motive Integrator platform and roll out plans for 2014 have been finalized. Motive Retail’s managed services, supported by Motive Integrator will enable Daimler to meet its goals. Daimler sees Motive Retail’s vision and approach, in particular the process control, testing functionality, tracking facilities and subject matter expertise in combination with a ready and proven Motive Integrator platform as the keys for success with their new program.

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