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Posted by Motive Retail on Jan 26, 2016 11:49:16 AM

Another Reason To Be A Part Of STAR

In December, the Standards for Automotive Retail Technology (STAR) star_logo_cropped_v2.pngannounced that they would soon be adding an exciting new benefit for their members. Well, this new benefit is now available. STAR has given members complimentary access to XDesign™, which was developed by STAR member Motive Retail.

What is XDesign™? If you have ever worked with the STAR BODs during specification development, you probably know how large and cumbersome they can be. This is a result of the BODs containing the necessary requirements for a multitude of members. When developing your own specifications, it is necessary to define your project's unique business and technical requirements, which can mean working with 1000’s of lines of code. XDesign™ allows you to rapidly work with only the sections of the BOD that you need to modify for your specifications, and then modify them using an intuitive interface. Once you are happy with your changes, your completed specifications can be quickly downloaded. What used to take hours can now be done in minutes!

More STAR Benefits On The Horizon

The addition of access to XDesign™ represents an important achievement for STAR in their mission to increase the value and usability of its standards. STAR Chairman, Dwayne Terrier, stated “ We see XDesign™ as the first step in our drive to increase STAR membership and to assist STAR members in keeping up with the automotive industry’s rapidly changing digital landscape.”

Gaining access to XDesign™ is easy. It is a web based platform, so all you need is a set of login credentials available by contacting STAR, and you are ready to go. You can tweak your BODs anytime, from anywhere, and make as many changes as you like. Contact STAR co-ordinator Paco Escobar at 518-727-4978 or and you will have immediate access.

Joining STAR

Not currently a STAR member? No problem. Contact STAR to find out how to join and discover all of the other valuable benefits of being a STAR member. For more information on STAR and XDesign™, read the just published press release.

STAR is definitely on a mission to improve the standardization and efficiency of the automotive industry and to help it usher in a new wave of technological innovation. Visit the STAR website to learn more and to keep updated on the latest industry developments.

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