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Posted by Motive Retail on Dec 15, 2015 9:32:04 AM

The automotive industry organization, Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail star_logo_cropped.png(STAR), was organized in 2001 with the mission of providing data standards for automotive retail participants. STAR’s membership is comprised of automakers, dealer systems providers and related vendors. STAR produces a standardized set of XML Schemas commonly known as BODs for it’s member’s to use in their dealer integrations.


While creating a set of standards has proved extremely beneficial for the industry, due to the varied requirements of each STAR member, each BOD contains a vast number of data elements - the cumulative data requirements of its members. As a result the schemas are loosely defined and any given implementation of the STAR BODs uses only a small fraction of the data elements in the standard.

The sheer size of many of the STAR BODs has made it difficult for members to articulate the unique data requirements of their implementation to the third-parties with whom they will be integrating - the schemas can be unwieldy. Various members have attempted to address this problem, but these work-arounds have generally been ineffective and time-intensive for all parties involved. But that’s about to change! Beginning in January, current STAR members will have access to a new and powerful tool for working with the STAR BODs that will greatly simplify and accelerate the design and implementation process.


STAR member Motive Retail, specialists in retail integration solutions, offers an app known as XDesign™ in its Motive Integrator™ platform. XDesign™ allows users to rapidly define the unique requirements of their specific implementation of the STAR BODs in just minutes. Motive Retail, in conjunction with STAR, is now making XDesign™ available to STAR members via a  web interface with a secure login. Best of all, access for current members will be absolutely FREE!

Beginning in January, STAR members will be notified of XDesign™ availability and be provided with instructions for access. While XDesign™ is a very intuitive and easy to use platform, Motive Retail will also make available to STAR members complimentary online training and support to get them started.

 STAR Membership

If you are a current STAR member, look for your invitation to start using XDesign™ next month. Not currently a STAR member? What are you waiting for? Visit the STAR website and check out all of the fantastic benefits that come with a STAR membership. Have some questions or ready to join? Contact STAR’s member enrollment specialist, Paco Escobar at today.


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