Use STAR BODs? Read On

Posted by Motive Retail on Jan 26, 2016 11:49:16 AM

Another Reason To Be A Part Of STAR

In December, the Standards for Automotive Retail Technology (STAR) announced that they would soon be adding an exciting new benefit for their members. Well, this new benefit is now available. STAR has given members complimentary access to XDesign™, which was developed by STAR member Motive Retail.

What is XDesign™?

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Connected Car? Not So Fast

Posted by Motive Retail on Jan 14, 2016 11:23:11 AM

More Than A Smartphone

The connected car has been called a “smartphone” on wheels. Unfortunately, that phrase became outdated almost before it was invented. While the initial vision may have been for a better way to integrate our electronic devices with our vehicles, technology has rapidly pushed way beyond that.

Current and projected features associated with the connected car now include

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