Whose Value Proposition Is It?

Posted by Motive Retail on Oct 16, 2012 5:42:32 AM

Recently when showing our Dealer Systems Integration portal, Motive Integrator, to an automaker we heard something to the effect of the following: “I can see how Motive Integrator produces big savings for the DSPs, so shouldn’t they pay for it?”

It’s true that much of our effort at Motive Retail is designed specifically to make integration projects easier for DSPs.

  • Better specifications that are clear, concise, and comprehensive.
  • Online support boards that allow all participating DSPs to see the questions raised by other DSPs and benefit from the same answers.
  • Testing apps designed specifically for DSP developers that allow them to test all aspects of their development with instantaneous, clear and specific feedback.
  • An automated certification testing process and apps designed to minimize the inefficiencies typical of these projects.

All of these things make DSPs more productive and accelerate certification, which, of course, is valuable to DSPs.

The simple fact is that any B2B integration project must provide value to both parties or one would not choose to participate. OEM integration projects are initiated by the OEMs based on the business value produced from having the integrated process in place. The dealer system integration project, like all other aspects of the initiative are specifically intended to get dealers on board so that business value can be realized for the OEM. Anything that makes it quicker and easier for DSPs to certify their systems directly contributes to the primary goal of getting to the business value the integration will provide.

DSP development teams are overwhelmed by the number of OEMs attempting to implement new dealer integrations. In some cases there is a backlog approaching two years. The order in which DSPs undertake OEM projects is significantly influenced by the DSP’s perception of the OEM’s preparedness and the level of difficulty to achieve certification. If having a proven process for DSP certification with purpose-built tools could reduce the time to implementation by a year in a project that is anticipated to provide millions of dollars of business value annually, isn’t the OEM value proposition pretty straightforward?

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