Striving for Continuous Improvement

Posted by Motive Retail on Apr 9, 2015 5:38:26 AM

We’ve published several articles in this blog about expanding the functionality in Motive Integrator, refining our processes for Dealer System Certification, and even Self Certification. Our organization has made huge strides toward providing Subscribers and Publishers with the tools needed to effectively implement and test integrations.

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Motive Integrator Self Certification

Posted by Motive Retail on Nov 19, 2014 9:11:35 AM

Until now Motive has provided certification services strictly as a managed service based on our Motive Integrator software. This approach has worked well as Motive Integrator provided the platform on which Motive Integration Analysts have delivered more than 150 dealer system certifications. In the process we have continuously improved Motive Integrator to make the support and certification process more and more intuitive and increasingly automated. The result is a proven system that can stand on its own and deliver certified dealer systems supported by OEM teams as easily as Motive’s team.

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Daimler selects Motive Retail to execute on its new global DMS retail integration strategy

Posted by Motive Retail on Jun 3, 2014 3:29:00 AM

Beginning a little more than a year ago Daimler AG embarked on a journey to reassess their strategy for dealer integration.

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Motive Integrator makes integration projects easier

Posted by Motive Retail on Jul 24, 2013 4:19:03 AM

We’ve been working for the past 5 years to expand the functionality in Motive Integrator and refine our processes for Dealer System Certification. Feedback from the DSPs we work with on behalf of our OEM clients is invaluable and we take all comments, suggestions, even criticisms seriously. We want to know what works, what we can improve and what users of Motive Integrator like or don’t like. Our feeling is that the better we can make our tools and processes, the faster DSPs can complete new integrations and roll them out to dealers.

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All About Testing – Part 5, Dealer Pilot

Posted by Motive Retail on Mar 11, 2013 4:02:42 AM

Our series on testing began last year and it’s time to pick this topic back up again with a new installment about the importance of Dealer Pilots. The Dealer Pilot phase is the last and final step in the certification process. It follows the completion of all Certification Testing and requires the deployment of the dealer system software for use by a dealer in live operations.

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Posted by Motive Retail on Dec 4, 2012 2:40:53 AM

Everybody likes recognition. After working many years exclusively in dealer systems integration, it was nice to see the Woods & Seaton Briefing No. 30, dated November 29, 2012 confirm what we already believed, that “OEMs need a more efficient process for managing integrations.” Per the Briefing, automakers in Europe are expressing growing interest in having an ability to manage “integration of ‘100s’ of Dealer Systems.” Recently we are seeing more automakers who understand , as the Briefing states, that “integration is essential for Sales and Service performance, and Network control.” The result is that an increasing number of automakers in both Europe and North America are starting to evaluate whether they have the processes and tools necessary to keep up in an increasingly integrated world.

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Kia DSP Certification Program extended through 2014

Posted by Motive Retail on Nov 27, 2012 8:17:34 AM

Since 2009, Motive Retail has managed the Kia Motors America DSP Certification Program and it has now been extended through the end of 2014. All DSP Certification activities are managed and supported using Motive Integrator, including online Specifications, Testing and Support. Any DSP wishing to integrate its system with the Kia Web-based dealer communication system has the option to do so working with Motive.

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Whose Value Proposition Is It?

Posted by Motive Retail on Oct 16, 2012 5:42:32 AM

Recently when showing our Dealer Systems Integration portal, Motive Integrator, to an automaker we heard something to the effect of the following: “I can see how Motive Integrator produces big savings for the DSPs, so shouldn’t they pay for it?”

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The value of a Certification Program

Posted by Motive Retail on Sep 7, 2012 12:41:26 PM

At Motive Retail we believe a formal certification process and program is critical for Automakers, DSPs and dealers.

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A Volkswagen View on Motive Retail

Posted by Jay Fee on Aug 1, 2012 2:00:55 AM

We have been working with Motive Retail for the past few years. Over this period of time Motive has routinely improved and added to the functionality of the Motive Integrator portal, refined their processes and expanded their service offerings. We have been a beneficiary of Motive’s investments in their business and their commitment to excellence in dealer systems integration.

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