Sell or Pre-Sell More F&I Menu Products and Accessories Online than In-Store Resulting in More Profitable Car Deals!

Sell or Pre-Sell More F&I Menu Products and Accessories Online than In-Store Resulting in More Profitable Car Deals!
When customers can shop and compare extended warranties, insurance, and accessories before locking in on a monthly payment plan, the chances of their bundling these products together in a package that they feel they can comfortably afford increases dramatically.

The result is a more profitable car deal for the dealer, and a happier, more relaxed customer, when they arrive at the dealership to pick up their new car! Or take delivery at home.

At times, customers can spend as much as four to five hours at a dealership during a traditional shopping and purchasing experience.  A lot of this time sink can be determined by how much online research a customer has done while shopping for the vehicle of their dreams. But with the vehicle selection consultation process, the demo ride, the appraisal, landing on a price and monthly payment option, and the back and forth of the negotiation, by the time a customer lands in the finance office, there is a good chance that they are not going to be in a frame of mind to consider a menu presentation of extended warranties, insurance, and accessories, even if these products have real value to them.  They want to get in their new car and head home!

A typical customer will research 24+ data points online during their shopping experience from the comfort of their couch.  What if a dealer could present an offering of extended warranties and insurance products, while the customer was still in the process of comparing options and their respective costs, and more important, while they were considering their monthly payment options?  What if accessories could be presented and pre-sold before a customer ever visited the dealership? Or better yet, pre-sold, installed, and delivered with the car to the customer’s home?

With the digitization of the shopping experience, customers can now shop for F&I products and accessories online and on their time.  When they arrive at the dealership, in many instances a single sales consultant can take them through the entire process of finishing the car sale, including finalizing the purchase of extended warranties, insurance, and accessories. This drives down the amount of time a customer spends at the dealership increasing satisfaction and referrals while increasing efficiency and profits for the dealer. If a customer chooses to complete their shopping and purchasing experience online and take delivery of their new car at home, chances are good that they will consider F&I Products and Accessories as part of the process. Win-win.

Presenting F&I Products and Accessories Online can be a complicated process. If done correctly, customers will pre-order more products and feel comfortable doing so, as opposed to the pressure of an F+I office pitch at the end of a long day in the dealership.

How to get there? Engage Motive Retail to smoothly integrate your online automotive e-commerce and in-store F+I Products and Accessories merchandising to power a unified focus on the customer regardless of where or how they start their car-buying journey.


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