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ADMI Shares Why Motive Retail's MIX is a No-Brainer

ADMI Shares Why Developing to MIX is a “No-Brainer”

ADMI is a tactical business management program that serves OEMs and dealerships within the automotive, heavy-duty trucking, fleet and agricultural industries by helping them gain actionable insights into their operations. They contacted Motive Retail through a word-of-mouth recommendation from a DMS they had recently integrated with.

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Free Integration… But at What Cost?

So you're considering starting an API program to keep pace with the accelerating integration needs of your growing organization. Perhaps you view this option as a necessary investment to keep up with the pace of rapid change or, as an opportunity to grow the business by allowing your customers to share their data with other providers they choose. Or maybe you’ve been watching the Arizona Legislation carefully and want to be sure you’re ready when those rules reach your doorstep. Sounds familiar?

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Digital Dealer's Want OEMs to Collaborate, Not Mandate

It was fantastic getting back together as an industry at the NADA conference a couple weeks ago.  It’s amazing how much interpersonal communication we lost during the pandemic, and we’re grateful to have it back.  There were a couple of things we saw there about the future of auto retail that really resonated with Motive Retail’s experience and highlighted a key issue in the industry - how will OEMs and dealers work together?

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How Much Does Free Integration Cost?

With NADA 2022 behind us, we can all agree that the digitalization of automotive retail is not going away. We continue to hear system integration is top of mind and is still seen today as a key inhibitor in moving the ecosystem forward.

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MIX and Match API Options for OEMs

If you are the person at an automaker responsible for integrating dealer systems, no doubt you are busier than ever.  All of those seamless digital experiences the business is strategically pursuing require more and more real time integration with dealer systems, DMS, CRM and others. 

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Need Help Managing Your Dealer API Authorizations?

Consumer data handling has become increasingly regulated in the past 5 years.  We've seen a growing number of legislative requirements regarding consumers' rights over their data and increasing concerns surrounding privacy and cybersecurity that have reached a fever pitch, with no end in sight.

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Dealers Stake in the Digital Future Depends on Open Integration

Automotive retail is transforming before our eyes, digitalizing the way everything is done in the dealership. It seems like everyone in the industry is working at a breakneck pace to shape the digital future in their interest. What isn’t clear is who will be in the driver’s seat, defining how the digital future will turn out.

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What's Your Plan for Connecting to the Digital Future?

Driven by COVID lockdowns, our industry is in the midst of an urgent rush toward long overdue digitalization. The transformation taking place is like nothing seen before in our lifetimes. No aspect of the way cars are sold or serviced will be left out. At the core of these digitalization efforts is the integration of the various systems that manage retail operations. The modern North American car dealership today uses between 10 and 20 different software systems to run its business. The digital dealership requires that they all work together seamlessly. The implication is clear: every dealer system provider - DMS, CRM, service management, inventory management, etc - must either provide easy integration with their systems or be left out of the digital future.

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3 Ways to Leverage CRM Integration for Automotive Retail Success

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to help companies manage their many customer relationships in an effort to improve overall profitability. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global CRM market is expected to reach over $90 billion by 2028.

Dealerships leverage many types of business management tools including CRMs and Dealer Management Systems (DMS). The challenge is getting those robust systems to talk to each other in real-time.

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Certify and MIX: Faster. Efficient. Scalable Integrations For ALL.

Motive Retail got its start in 2008 conducting global certification programs for some of the largest OEMs in the automotive retail vertical.  We have consulted with OEMs to specify, onboard, test, authorize, authenticate, and activate proprietary API solutions via a secure certification process over the last decade. We are proud of our legacy and capabilities as we continue to roll out mission-critical and strategically important integrations from the OEM to the dealer bodies across sixty countries.

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How Big Data and the Connected Car is Reinventing the Automotive World

Global experts estimate that nearly 85% of the world’s vehicles will be connected to the Internet by 2022. Given the magnitude of data outputs and sheer power of wireless connectivity, alongside new auto and data technology shifting due to COVID, the connected car is radically changing integrations and how they’re used in the automotive industry.

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Why Every OEM Needs Dynamic Data Now

As every OEM knows, the automotive industry is operating in a dynamic and challenging environment. For future-forward firms, this environment is an opportunity to innovate. In particular, analytics, advanced integrations, and one-to-many API value chains are areas of real potential for firms who want to differentiate themselves. s every OEM knows, the automotive industry is operating in a dynamic and challenging environment. For future-forward firms, this environment is an opportunity to innovate. In particular, analytics, advanced integrations, and one-to-many API value chains are areas of real potential for firms who want to differentiate themselves.

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Online Appointment Reservations (OAR): Ensuring a Seamless Handoff from Online to In-Store

As consumers shift to buying cars and scheduling dealer services from their couches, in-home offices, or wherever, car manufacturers (OEMs) and third-party software providers are capturing more of the buy/service process on their websites or applications.   And, as dealers continue to execute on physical demonstrations of vehicles, sales closing/delivery, and vehicle service, OEMs, third parties and dealers must have seamless integration to ensure the customer experiences a smooth handoff from online to the physical store.

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Dealer Digital Retailing - Is it Really: "Out with the Old, In with the New?"

Customers increasingly want to shop for and purchase vehicles from wherever they are most comfortable, be it from their couch or in-store.  While the shift to digital greatly accelerated over the past year, as the dust settles, it is evident many consumers will continue to visit their local dealership to compare models, get a demo drive, or confirm the value of their trade via an appraisal.  Car buying is still a large purchase decision, and after shopping online, customers may just take in the experience of an in-store delivery. Or they may take delivery at home.  Their choice.

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