ADMI Shares Why Developing to MIX is a “No-Brainer”

ADMI Shares Why Developing to MIX is a “No-Brainer”


ADMI is a tactical business management program that serves OEMs and dealerships within the automotive, heavy-duty trucking, fleet and agricultural industries by helping them gain actionable insights into their operations. They contacted Motive Retail through a word-of-mouth recommendation from a DMS they had recently integrated with.

“We had just completed an integration with another DMS and were looking into the amount of time, money, and effort we would expend tackling 3 more. Through one of these DMS came the recommendation of Motive. After weighing all options, putting development time into MIX became a no-brainer. Developing for one system, in order to access multiple? Sign me up,” said Keegan Mowers, Manager - Web Development at ADMI.

It was settled. ADMI would become a Subscriber to MIX (Motive Integrator eXchange), connecting them with four major automotive DMS through MIXs GET Parts Inventory interface.

“MIX allowed us access to dealers' data in a controlled and quick fashion that eliminated many errors that come with importing data,” explained Mowers.

Angeline D’Balentine, Innovation & Creative Director at ADMI, added, “MIX offers automation, giving my team back time to be able to do other projects…happy team, happy outcomes. Hence ROI!”

Compared to a direct DMS integration how much time was saved on your implementation from development to roll out?

“Our first integration we undertook with the other DMS was complex. There were a lot of requirements, a lot of red tape. Their system had many functions we had no need for, but processes had to be built to handle them regardless. MIX’s offerings were simpler, and more closely met our needs. Comparing the two, I’d say MIX took half the time. Now, if we also consider all the DMSs that we wanted to integrate with, it would have taken 4x as long at least,” according to Mowers.

After initial implementation, how long did it take for you to add additional DMS connections?

“The development time for each DMS is relatively short. I’d say I could get one done in less than a full work day. Once one is completed, the differences between the rest are minimal. Most time is spent making slight alterations to the call to fit that DMS’s requirements, and proofing and testing the data to ensure we are getting what we need to service our clients,” said Keegan Mowers.

Throughout the integration process ADMI continued to be pleasantly surprised by Motive’s MIX offering. Mowers and D’Balentine both cited the agility they were able to achieve through Motive’s meticulously crafted automated processes, as the main reason they would recommend MIX’s tools and services.

Angeline D'Balentine and Keegan Mowers at ADMI

Their favorite part of subscribing to MIX was truly the speed of development. “Though there are differences between DMSs, Motive has put a lot of effort into making it as generic as possible. This allows us to operate on the expectations of certain data points in a certain format, which allows for better planning, less dev time, and a better product,” Mowers explained.

He additionally shared that an unexpected key benefit experienced while using our tools and services was, “[Motive] being the interface between ADMI and the DMSs themselves. Any issues we have with an integration at the DMS-level are solved quickly. I know it can’t be as easy as you make it look.”

From integration tools to unlimited support ADMI was most pleased with the Motive team’s availability and openness to hear resolves.

“I like that you are innovative in mindset,” said D’Balentine. “Per [dealer] rooftop activation for example, something that would take on average 2-3 hours to complete now takes 20 minutes.”

“I have to agree with Angeline on this,” said Mowers. “The time it takes to get a new dealer signed up is fast and the experience smooth. When we need help, Support answers faster than we could hope.”

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